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Policy and Procedure Manual

All staff are required to adhere to the following My Ability Australia policies and procedures.

A PDF copy of this document can be accessd HERE

1. Person-Centred Supports2. Provider Governance and Operational Manager3. Provision of Supports4. Provision of Environmental Supports
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PeopleCorporate GovernanceAccess to SupportsSafe Environment
Person-Centred Supports Policy and Participant Service Charter of RightsConflict of InterestSupport Planning and Service Agreement CollaborationSafe Work Practices for Hazardous Chemicals
Aboriginal Impact Statement DeclarationWork Health Safety and Environmental ManagementSupport PlanningInfection Management
Code of ConductManual HandlingService Agreement with ParticipantCOVID-19 Response
Person-Centred Supports LinkageContinuous ImprovementResponsive Support Provision and Support ManagementManagement of safe food practices
Advocacy SupportRisk ManagementSupported Independent Living (SIL)Drug and Alcohol
Individual Values and BeliefsQuality ManagementAssist Travel and TransportWorkplace Aggression
Privacy and DignityInformation ManagementDaily Personal Activities (Sole Carer)Participant Money and Property
Management of Data BreachConsentTransition or ExitManagement of Medication
Independence and Informed Choice Decision-MakingComplaints and FeedbackManagement of Waste
Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and DiscriminationReportable Incident, Accident and Emergency
NDIS Worker Screening and Risk Assessed RolesHuman Resource Management
Delegations of Responsibility and Authority
Continuity of Supports
Disaster Management
Business Continuity
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